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Download Legolas Dad Lord Of The Rings
. Legolas green was the prince of mirkwood, the son of thranduil and the elven member of the fellowship of the ring. While writting the lord of the rings, tolkien first considered glorfindel to be the elven character of the fellowship, however he dropped the idea, and legolas perhaps this is the reason why legolas is considered the most underdeveloped character of the fellowship, playing only a minor role in the.

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At the start of the game legolas is the only one in the fellowship who can jump onto arrow poles. 20 his dad is younger than him. Like any other elves he is immortal.

Remember, if you get all the way to one side, you still have to go back because of the more orc ladders that sprang up.

This would make him 2931 years old at the time of the war of the ring. Legolas swords for sale are just like the one wielded by the. Aka the main reason you should be excited for the hobbit: Legolas swords includes wall display plaque $189.99 item number:

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