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. Legolas was a sinda elf, the prince of the woodland realm of mirkwood. I dunno, i'm not even supposed to be in this story.looks as ridicilous as cool.

Legolas (Lotr/Hobbit) - Legolas Greenleaf Fan Art ...
Legolas (Lotr/Hobbit) - Legolas Greenleaf Fan Art ... from images6.fanpop.com
The hobbit an unexpected journey legolas greenleaf figure 2012 bridge direct. Tolkien's the lord of the rings. In the hobbit, legolas sports a fair amount of ornate outfits.

Costume design concept art for legolas from the hobbit:

Sending legolas on journeys were even harder for him, he cared deeply for his son and wanted nothing but the best for him, his heart hurt all that mattered was her family, the king and legolas. The desolation of smaug movie clips: Rated t for saftey and coz i dont get the whol rating thing. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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