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. Start date may 7, 2012. Did you see hawkeye miss in avengers did legolas shoot a chitari ship out the sky while aiming backwards?

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Can legolas' elf eyes see the target (perhaps the color of that tower over can hawkeye overcome the ridiculous comic book continuity that made him deaf, and then not deaf, and then deaf again? Legolas has his elven daggers, and hawkeye has 2 combat knives. *her iki karakter için de filmler baz alınmalı.

Legolas replaces hawkeye in the chitauri invasion, he gets clint's bow and is trained in how to use it.

The internet is debating hawkeye vs legolas, and the responses are a+. Book legolas, but hawkeye has his alternative. The candidates are legolas from lord of the rings, oliver queen from the tv series arrow, katniss everdeen from the hunger games, and the marvel cinematic universes' hawkeye. Legolas has already proven he will drop the ball when it matters the most.— joshua myers.

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